About indeck energy

Imagine. Innovate. Build. Operate.

Our industry-leading expertise spans every stage of a project. We are bringing this best-in-class approach to help transition the world to more sustainable and reliable energy production.

Committed to Collaboration

Throughout our history, we have cultivated relationships with project stakeholders that, like us, aspire to succeed.  These trusted and committed partnerships with communities, contractors, suppliers, and financial institutions help us provide unsurpassed value to all involved.

Setting Our Sights on the Future

At Indeck Energy, we have set our sights on providing communities with access to safe, sustainable, and reliable energy solutions.

Indeck Group of Companies

The Indeck Group of Companies excel at all aspects of power generation as well as boiler design and manufacturing.

Indeck Power Equipment CoMPANY

Founded in 1960, Indeck Power Equipment Company has become North America’s largest supplier in the rental, lease and sale of steam power systems and other industrial components used in the refinery, paper, textile, energy, chemical, manufacturing, municipal, food and utility industries. The company also sells water treatment systems, generators, HVAC systems, chillers and auxiliary equipment. In addition to acting as a distributor, the company also manufactures water treatment systems, rebuilds steam equipment, and provides design and engineering services.

Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC

Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC is an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial boilers, including upgrades, modifications, performance studies, design improvements and system retrofits. With a comprehensive OEM spare parts inventory and 24-hour availability, Indeck Keystone Energy facilitates enhanced operational availability and maintainability.


Indeck Boiler Corporation is a leading manufacturer of gas and oil-fired boilers. Located in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, the company has access to most major railways across North America, as well as barge access through the St. Lawrence River. All IBC boilers can be purchased with Indeck’s proven combustion management system design.